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      1. R&D CENTER

        With scientific research as the core, the company has established a provincial double center research and development platform - Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Guangdong Provincial Microbial Fermentation Monascus Pigment Engineering Technology Research Center. It is also Zhanjiang Monascus Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, which invests a large amount of research and development funds every year, and undertakes two national "12th Five Year" and "13th Five Year" science and technology ministry projects, two provincial and ministerial projects, and five municipal science and technology projects.

        Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center was established

        Guangdong Research Center for Microbial Fermentation of Monascus Pigment Engineering Technology was established

        Guangdong Provincial Innovation Industrialization Demonstration Base was established

        Zhanjiang Hongqu Engineering Technology Research and Development Center was established


        We committed to R&D/product/process innovation, working with well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad to study the separation and screening of monascus strains, microbial fermentation technology, cultivation of liquid and solid functional monascus, efficacy/safety/analysis, and the development of food and health products, leading the research of monascus.

        Coperation university

        Beijing Business University

        Fuzhou University

        Guangdong Ocean University

        South China University of Technology

        Huazhong University of Science and Technology

        Jiangnan University

        Shanghai Jiaotong University

        Sclentific research honor
        Invention patent
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